Duracell 3000 Watt High Power Inverter


  • 3000W of Continuous Power, 6000W of Peak Power
  • Digital LED Display Shows Current Draw and Voltage
  • Three 3-prong AC Outlets to Charge and Operate up to 3 Devices
  • 3 Cooling Fans for Safe, Quiet Operation
  • Metal Frame Includes Integrated Mounting Brackets


Plentiful power for work, recreation and emergencies.

Ideal for outdoor recreation, mobile entertainment and job sites, the Duracell 3000 Watt Inverter supplies up to 3000 Watts of continuous power and 6000 Watts of peak power using your car’s battery current. This rugged inverter converts vehicle power into usable household AC power.

Digital display shows the total power draw and voltage. Power-saving master on/off switch controls the power to the AC outlets and the USB port. Three 3-prong AC outlets charge and operate up to three devices at once, powerful enough for entertainment equipment, handheld tools, large appliances and electronics.

The rugged metal frame includes integrated mounting brackets for permanent installation. There are 2 bolt-on posts for securely attaching the included 2 ft long power cables and features three cooling fans for safe, quiet operation.

High power inverter converts vehicle power into household power. Built-in SafeTechnology protects the unit from overloading, overheating and short-circuiting. When turned on, the LED display will light up to show the operation status.

NOTE: Reverse input will blow the internal fuse and permanently disable the unit. Make sure that the total power consumption of the connected devices is less than the rating of the inverter. Although the inverter can provide high surge power up to two times the rated output power, some appliances may still trigger the inverter’s protection system.

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Brand – Duracell
Type – Power Inverter

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