Serenity 2D Zero Gravity Massage Chair


  • 2D Zero Gravity Smart Chair with SL Rail
  • 42 Airbags
  • Bluetooth Speakers
  • LED Lights
  • Fully Assembled From Carton


The 2D Zero Gravity Massage Chair with dual remotes is designed with the latest technology. The “Smart Chair” is a computer body scan technology which maps out the size, shape, curvature of your back, and adjusts the rollers to each individual user. The “SL” Back Rail is engineered to match the curvature of the human back, thus allowing for maximum massage touch points of the 2D mechanical rollers. Additionally, the bio mechanical rollers have been engineered to mimic the massage techniques and feel of the human hand.

Your 2D Zero Gravity Massage Chair with dual remotes includes features such as a “stretch” mode thus helping to stretch the back’s vertebra relieving nerve pressure. The Massage Chair not only provides an unprecedented back massage, but is a complete full-body massage chair equipped with 42 total airbags along with a massive air pump which provides a compression massage for your feet, legs, arms, shoulders, and hips. Take the next step and invest in promoting the healthier active lifestyle you desire with massage therapy from the 2D Zero Gravity Massage Chair with dual remotes and Bluetooth Speakers.


  • Smart Chair Technology – detects the size of the user and adjusts the massage accordingly with Intelligent mechanical massage rollers continuedly gathering curve data of the users back and imitating the professional massager
  • 2D Technology
  • “SL” Shape Curved Rail – is 53” long designed to match the contour of the human back allowing for the maximum possible “touch points” for rollers
  • Zero Gravity Mode – When activated the chair reclines to 118 degrees with feet elevated providing the perfect weightless massage for the ultimate relaxation massage
  • 42 Airbags – provide maximum massage coverage for Shoulders, arms, hands, hips, calves, and feet to create that perfect pressure point massage
  • 6 Pre-Programed Massages – Relax, Refresh, Neck & Shoulder, Back & Waist, Stretch, and Dream Massage Modes
  • 5 Massage Techniques – Shiatsu, Kneading, Tapping, Clapping, Knocking
  • 3 Massage Speed Settings – Slow, Medium, Fast
  • 3 Air Pressure Intensity Settings – Soft, Medium, Hard
  • Carbon Fiber Heat Therapy – The Carbon Fiber Infrared Heating will apply heat to your back between 104 degrees and 120 degrees
  • Adjustable Head Cushion – Move the head cushion up or down for maximum comfort
  • Adjustable Shoulder Massage – The Luxury Zero Gravity Massage Chair will allow the user to adjust the Massage to the user’s shoulder height.
  • Space Capsule Design – The Luxury Zero Gravity Massage Chair encapsulates the user for maximum comfort
  • “Zero Wall” Design – with the touch of a single button smoothly recline your chair to within 2” from the wall with a special “slide forward” feature that when reclined utilizes less space than traditional Massage Chairs allowing for closer placement to walls
  • Leg Extension – The Luxury Massage Chair has Leg extensions that extend up to 5.9”
  • 4 Mechanical Rollers – for Buttock Massage
  • Mechanical Rollers – for Foot & Soul Massage
  • LED Remote Control – For easy control of your Luxury Zero Gravity Massage Chair
  • Waist Stretch Mode – The Luxury Chair is designed to stretch your back with the Waist Stretch Mode
  • Auto Reset Mode – The Luxury Zero Gravity Massage Chair auto resets when turned off
  • Rear Casters – for easy moving from room to room
  • Bluetooth Speakers – Connect to smart phone to play music with Hi Def Bluetooth Speakers
  • Dual Remotes – Additional Built in Arm Remote for easy access
  • 160 Watt Motor
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